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Mark's Journal
My two stinkers ate half of my Papa John's Epic Meatz™ pizza the other night! One of them pulled the box off the top of Carter's crate, where I had set it when I got home.

Put the pizza down, ate a slice, took them for a walk, fed them, ate another slice, went down the hall to go to the bathroom, and came back to find the box on its end on the floor, with three slices left in the box and a sprinkling of toppings on the carpet nearby.

Of course, it's my fault... and I don't mean just because I left the box in reach.

With the first slice, I gave them each a little piece of crust like always. With the SECOND slice, I accidentally ate the crust, and I saw Carter looking at me like "That's OUR part. WTF, dude?"

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or yell at them, so I did both. 😊 Then I told them to clean up the mess on the carpet, ate another slice, and put the last two in the refrigerator for another meal.

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Said not by me, but by a friend on Facebook. I won't share more of what he said in detail, since he posted friends-only, but he talked about the great things he's gotten to do recently and has to look forward to, and grumpy as he may be about some aspects of his life, he's "not narcissistic enough to be unaware" of how much better his life is than most.

I can both respect that position and identify with it. I don't have the disposable income to do a lot of the things he talks about doing, but I probably will again before much longer. And I'm relatively healthy and eating pretty reliably, even if not nearly as well as I used to. I need to work on some things I do have control over, as well, but in general, my life is awesome.
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Trying to figure out whose dog this is based on the date had me browsing old LiveJournal posts for a while. (It's way easier to go see what I said on LiveJournal on November 23, 2012 than on Facebook.) Some fun memories in late 2012 and early 2013! Some less fun, too, but that's OK.

I'm also on the couch with the pups curled up next to me, Carter snoring off and on. I'm watching "NCIS: Los Angels" episodes from last spring, finally. I missed most of last season because their Monday night airings conflicted with two other shows, and my TiVo can only record two things at once. It picked up recording towards the end of the season when one of the conflicts stopped, so I'm watching the last few episodes of last season and will then watch this season. Eight episodes to go after this one. Probably won't get through them all tonight. Could also just delete all these and pick up with the latest episode, but there might be some good stuff in here!
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I was one of 13 CIT staffers getting that news that day, with a couple dozen more in other waves. Since then, I've been unemployed, then underemployed, and then for the last three years and a bit, working with a great group of people in a new place.

The (no longer so) new gig is for much less money, about as much less as my mortgage payment. Between that and New York's refusal to pay me unemployment while I was actually unemployed, it's been tough to catch up, never mind get ahead.

One particularly poor decision I'd made before I was laid off was to trust a former friend with a loan. It eventually became clear that he had no intention of ever paying the loan back, even when I urgently needed it, and that's one of the things that's made it hard for me to accept the generous help some friends have offered. I never want to be in the position of disappointing someone that way.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel this fall -- and it's not an oncoming freight train! I've been really lucky to have the support of lots of good friends along the way. Thanks to all of you!
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I have a funny feeling it was a Mets win that night. :-)

I'd check, except my e-mail archive doesn't go back quite that far, and I haven't succeeded in getting Google to tell me the dates of the Windy City Workout. That was the Apple engineering "summer camp" I got to go to in Chicago when I worked for a local computer dealer. This was more or less the precursor of WWDC, the Worldwide Developer Camp that was open to all registered developers, as opposed to just Apple staff with a relative handful of dealer tech people.

As amazing an opportunity as WWDC was when I first started going in 2003 and for a few years after that, these summer camps were remarkable. We were really learning alongside Apple engineers, getting the same level of education and background on the company's latest technology, as well as what was coming. We got to see the three models of PowerBook before they had been released. Can you imagine that happening today?

I've got about 20 years worth of e-mail archive (YIKES) but it doesn't go quite far enough back that I could search my mail for hints of when I was in Chicago, so I can double-check that the Mets were in town that night.

We spent the week on the campus of Northwestern University, which also meant I got to meet John Norstad, the developer of Disinfectant, a handy free antivirus utility for which I was an... advisor? (Actually, I provided some material for the software. Can you guess what I contributed?) We got cards that allowed us to eat in Northwestern's cafeteria, which was fine, but even better were the theme dinners each night, featuring Chicago cuisine.

And the baseball game. Definitely a Cubs loss. Pretty sure against the Mets.

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First of all, yes, I realize I should've gotten gas in New Hampshire before I headed down to yesterday's farewell post-wedding brunch in Massachusetts. I'm sure it would've been cheaper. But I'd seen some cheap-enough gas not far from the Stonehedge Inn where the events were, and could've filled up there after brunch if it weren't for the Baystate Marathon messing up traffic and partially closing a lot of roads in the area.

I had noticed on Friday that the gas prices on the Mass Pike weren't too bad, but I wanted to get gas before I got back on the highway. I figured correctly that after detouring through all of the residential areas to avoid the Marathon, I would find a couple of gas stations near the on-ramp to I-290. I had to go under the highway overpass, and there was a Mobil just ahead.

Great, I thought! I'll swipe my Plenti card and get points for buying gas at Mobil that I can use towards Rite Aid purchases. But, yikes! $2.55/gallon for gas? $2.65 for credit card purchases? The gas on the Mass Pike had been $2.17/gallon! I pulled into their parking lot long enough to pull out again; I saw a Sunoco in the next block, and headed there. $2.15/gallon. Even with credit card. Much better! Not as good as the $2.07ish we'd seen in Nashua, but that's OK.

No doubt that Mobil sucks lots of people in just by being closest to the highway, and figures enough people will buy gas from them out of convenience that they can make up for anyone with half a brain going to find more reasonable pricing elsewhere.

Before getting onto the Mass Pike, I remembered I needed to add money to my E-ZPass account, and pulled off the highway to hit a Wendy's for its rest room and Wi-Fi. Across the street was a gas station with $1.89/gallon! Yeow. No-name gas, but still.
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The bomb threat in Downtown Ithaca today made me realize that I can't remember the last time we had a fire drill or other evacuation at the building I work in on campus.

I work in a suite of offices on one side of a residence hall, so it wouldn't surprise me if most of the evacuation drills for the building are scheduled in the evening and the middle of the night, for the benefit of the student residents. I'm pretty sure we had at least one drill since I started working here a little over three years ago. Maybe others have been scheduled when I wasn't at work that day, or early enough in the morning that I missed them.

Back when I was in CIT, I was one of the evacuation leaders, or monitors, or whatever they called us. I had a reflective orange vest and detailed instructions for helping people get away from the building and to a specific gathering point where someone could take a roll call or census to see who might be missing. That always struck me as an odd exercise, considering how many people were always out of the office for one thing or another at any given moment. "Is Bob sick today?" "I don't think so. Is he at lunch?" "Nah. Maybe across campus for a meeting?" "Who knows? Did anyone try calling or texting him?"

When the Chapter House burned down in April, one building resident who was unaccounted for at first turned out to be traveling out of town, and had not been in the apartment when the fire started. "We got hold of him on Facebook," Ithaca Fire Department told me for our coverage. I guess these days it's not hard to find people, if they want to be found. If they don't, it's much harder.

Saw someone bemoan on Facebook this afternoon that she had to wait until the bomb threat was cleared so she could go back into her office building to retrieve her purse, which presumably had her car and house keys in it. Someone commented that she always grabs her purse and laptop when evacuating. I admit I always grab my laptop on the way out the door, too, but it doesn't take long and shouldn't slow me or anyone else down on the way out of the building.
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Yom Kippur being smack dab in the middle of the week has really thrown off my internal calendar. It doesn't feel like tomorrow is Friday. Not that I object! I could use a relaxing weekend.

I spent most of yesterday relaxing with the dogs, much of it outside on my deck, reading an e-book downloaded courtesy of Cornell's digital library presence. Last time I played with Overdrive, the largely crappy app designed for borrowing e-books from libraries, it was barely functional and only supported our county library. Now, Cornell is represented, and they seem to have lots of cool stuff, including fiction. Current read: John Grisham's "The Litigators."

My friend Leslie also kindly came for a while to give me some pointers on continuing Carter's training. After Monday's incident where he escaped and attacked another dog, I want to make sure it doesn't happen again, both to keep my neighbors and their dogs safe, and to keep him safe. I reached out immediately to the county animal control officer and the SPCA to let them know it had happened, and if the runner or her dog had been injured, I have to imagine they'd have reported it by now. So far, no word. That's a good sign.
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Someone convinced Molly recently that she should give the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot that began 11 years ago (!) a try, so I dug out my DVD of the miniseries that kicked it off. Powerful, powerful stuff -- and watching it on Friday evening made it even more so. Not surprising, but it hadn't occurred to me.

She came back yesterday to watch "33" and then the Bills game, and we ended up watching the first four episodes of the first season. It holds up really well, and this first season is really intense.

Also watched "In the Line of Fire" after randomly discovering it in the Amazon Instant Video app on my iPad (and then discovering to my delight that I could fire up the Amazon Instant Video app on my TiVo and it knew where I'd left off) and several episodes of "House of Cards" season 2. For some reason, Netflix lost track of where I was on that, so I was actually re-watching a lot. I think I'm just about caught up, and can finish season 2 and go on to season 3 one of these days.

Didn't watch much of the football after all, but that's OK. Sounds like the Cowboys-Giants game was especially annoying, especially if you're a Giants fan. (I'm not. I don't actively root for any New Jersey teams.) Bills are off to a good start, but they have a talent for ruining that.
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On his Twitter feed on Sunday, [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani posted a notice celebrating the common ancestry of Jews and Muslims.

"May our shared Abrahamic roots deepen respect and bring peace and mutual understanding," Rouhani tweeted. "L'Shanah Tovah."


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