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Mark's Journal
Those handheld chip credit card readers that servers bring to your table or bartenders or baristas hand you across the counter in Europe almost all now support Apple Pay, and nearly all of these people had NO IDEA it would work when I waved my phone at it. The ones in the hotel cafe in Copenhagen were ASTONISHED, and thought it was the COOLEST THING EVER.
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There was a little girl with her parents next to us at brunch today, and the quarters are close enough upstairs at Agava that we could hear a lot of what they were chatting about.

Among other things, they talked about "Wonder Woman" (which opened this weekend) and the Louvre, and I chimed in that "Wonder Woman" even begins at the Louvre! It occurs to me that no live action filming was probably ever really done there. These days, they probably used the overhead establishing shot and then a green-screen for the brief on-the-ground shot that was outside the iconic museum.

The little girl was very engaged in their conversations, though she also took a couple of opportunities to sing what sounded like operatic arias.

I commented to Molly as they left that this little girl is going to grow up to be a force of nature.
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I'm not a big fan of crime to begin with, but today's case is appalling. An elderly woman on her way home from church had her purse snatched in downtown Ithaca this afternoon. Nice way to celebrate Easter. 😡
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It's been 35 years since Max Gail has been on TV regularly, but it only took me a moment to realize the guest star on this episode of "Hawaii Five-O" was the actor who played Wojo on "Barney Miller!"

He has way less hair -- well, to be more accurate, it's distributed differently -- and I wouldn't have recognized his face, but his voice hasn't changed one iota.
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Of course, it just occurred to me that usually, if I feel like taking a nap, it's because I'm getting sick. Here's hoping that's not the case this time!

Today featured enough running around, though, that I may be OK.

The day started (well, after I walked the dogs, of course) with a minimalist tailgate before the lacrosse game. Jon and Lisa were the only ones there when I got there! I brought some hard cider and macaroons, since I don't drink beer during Passover and didn't expect lots of snacks I could eat. Happily, there were Easter chick deviled eggs!

Then it was off to Collegetown for WVBR's Electric Avenue Music Festival, three acts each at three venues over the course of four hours. I wanted to get pictures of as many of the performers as possible. Pretty good event! I ate a little bit of the Al Pastor taco filling from the Bickering Twins Catering taco stand out front, which was outstanding, and then I had one of the brunch specials at the Carriage House Cafe... pork belly topped with a poached duck egg! Nice variation on a frisee salad.

Then, as I was walking back to my car with vague thoughts of popping up to Six Mile Creek Winery to see if they'd released the new wines they thought might be out today, Ed and Jen drove by, and asked if I wanted to hit the Cornell Dairy Bar with them. Sure! So I got a rare dose of ice cream.

Lots of running around, good food, and a rainy afternoon made for a good nap recipe. I headed home and curled up on the bed with a trio of puppers. I know I dozed at least a bit, and then got out of bed in time to walk them all before sundown.

I've been relaxing on the couch with two of the three (Penny wandered off to lie on my bed) and the TiVo. Perfect evening, eh?
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"We like deep dish pizza, too!" #dogs #pitbulls #tcspcaalumni #souschefs

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I haven't updated LiveJournal on Auggie's progress! Sorry about that. No idea how well this embedded Instagram image will work, now or down the road, but let's give it a try. Here's a link to the original just in case: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSmtlHvgLgK/

She has healed very nicely after her fight with Carter early last month, and the three of them are getting along great. Auggie and Carter are still playing with each other, far more than Carter and Penny ever have, and the three of them spend lots of time together. I'm optimistic that they'll stay nice to each other.

The same friend who was over when they got in a fight last month is stopping in tonight while I'm out, but she's going to try muzzling Carter and Auggie just in case.

Happy Passover!
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The 187-ton General Electric turbine that came through Ithaca last month was one of our heaviest traffic news stories ever, and the next one is on its way!

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On a whim, I went looking earlier for Mac LiveJournal clients, and discovered Xjournal. It looks very comparable to iJournal, including the feature to let me know when there are new posts on my Friends page!

I used this to write the post about Auggie earlier, left it open, and was delighted to see it tell me there are new posts to read.

I've just finished reading back about a week's worth, which will have to do for now.

I took Penny and Carter out for an early bedtime walk a couple of hours ago, then closed them in my room and let Auggie out of her crate. Glad to see she popped up and toddled out, and with just a little coaxing, made it down the stairs to the front door so I could take her outside.

She's not walking well, or, honestly, sitting well, but after she meandered around the front yard for a while, we came back in and I sat on the floor with her and watched some more TV. She's having enough trouble with steps, and definitely shouldn't be doing any jumping on to couches, so I didn't want to push it. Plenty of pets and snout scritches and encouraging tone. Even if I'm sad to see her look so sad and uncomfortable, I need to do my best to make her feel good.

Gave her a bedtime dose of pain meds and antibiotic, and got her back in her crate so I could let Penny and Carter out of my room. She stood still for a few minutes, then eventually lay down.

The friend who was here last night feels awful for what happened. Simply, if she hadn't been here, it wouldn't have happened; they'd have been crated when I was out. But it's not really her fault. I was getting overconfident with how well they'd all been doing together, and either of us could have decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the muzzles on Carter and Auggie while they were all out of their crates.

I'm grateful that she feels she should pay for the vet bills. I can imagine vet care getting hugely expensive, and while this wasn't as bad as it could have been, I'm glad I'm not paying for it. My finances are still strained as it is.
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I'm fostering a dog who needed a place to live while learning how to get along with other dogs, and unfortunately, after doing really well with my pair for a week, they got in a bad fight last night. Auggie was seriously injured, and I was finally able to bring her home from the vet ER at 2am.

Miss AuggieA friend who loves taking care of my dogs when I'm out of town asked if she could come cuddle them while I was out at a friend's going-away party last night, and of course I said yes. Carter loves her, though, and probably felt very possessive, which is my guess as to what went wrong last night. (I wasn't there, and the friend is unclear on exactly what happened. She was pretty shaken up.)

I had to come right home and take Auggie to the vet, since she was cowering in her crate and wouldn't come out for the friend. She needed surgery, including lots of stitches, so anesthesia and catheter, and is on antibiotics, pain meds, and anti-inflammatory.

She was very woozy but waggy when I brought her home last night. Wouldn't get up this morning at all, but was willing and able to come out for a walk when I got home late afternoon.

Now she's in her crate, having taken her pain meds but nothing else, and not eating any of her food. Moaning in (I hope) her sleep.

Poor piglet.
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One of the best parts of iJournal, the Mac client for LiveJournal I used for years, was that it had a little pencil icon that showed up in the menu bar when there were new posts from friends that I had to go read.

Without that poke, it's much harder to remember to go check my friends list, and much easier to just keep refreshing Facebook -- which I have to use constantly for work, anyway.

I wouldn't say I ever loved asLJ, which I've been using as an iJournal replacement, but it finally stopped working a few weeks ago. It won't log in any more. If there's an update available, I can't tell, because their update server doesn't respond properly. Oh well.

Anyway, hi!
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