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Recycling - Mark's Journal
I've been trying to bring some deposit containers to the P&C each morning on my way to work. Last week I got rid of all the soda cans and bottles, and today I brought the first load of beer bottles, two cases worth. Of those four dozen bottles, probably over half were ones the machine wouldn't take, including Molson Brador bottles (they're purchased in Canada, and don't exist in the U.S.), Anchor and Abita bottles, and assorted other out-of-town beers that have come from various places but aren't sold in Ithaca.

Since the store only needs to take deposit bottles back when they sell that item, most of those UPC codes simply aren't programmed into their machines. I could probably have brought them up to the desk and gotten a human to give me money for some more of them, or taken them down to the Finger Lakes Beverage Center, where many of them probably came from, but it's not worth the handful of nickels. I left them to be recycled. I mostly wanted them out of my house, and I've successfully achieved that aim.
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joyouspain From: joyouspain Date: May 19th, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
You can tell when I haven't been around lately, can't you? :)
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