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Mark's Journal
First of all, I realize there are easier names for an American announcer to pull off than Vergé-Dépré, but your broadcast partner is coming SO MUCH CLOSER. Try harder.

Second, wasn't everyone griping about how the beach volleyball teams were wearing unnecessarily revealing bikinis? Where are the bikinis?!
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She mostly does go in her crate when I ask her to, though sometimes she's very reluctant or tentative about it. When she gets in her crate at feeding time, she often walks back out, then back in until I put the food in her dish, and then sometimes back out again to turn around and eat from just outside the crate.

Crated PennyIt's cute, but it's also a sign that she's having trouble remembering who's the boss. When Molly has helped take care of the dogs recently, Penny wouldn't go in at all at least once.

Once she is closed in the crate, I sometimes come home to find that whatever towel or blanket was folded up on the bottom to provide cushioning has been balled up and is in the water dish. That means the water's been soaked up and isn't available for drinking, and it means the fabric has to be dried out or it will get smelly and mildewy. Yuck.

Of course, it seems as though she rarely drinks from her water dish anyway! She much more often drinks from the one in the kitchen when they're not in the crates, and sometimes when I come home and open the crates she goes and drinks from Carter's water dish.

There's nothing wrong with her dish in particular. Not only have I washed it out and filled it with fresh water multiple times, I've even swapped her dish and Carter's, and she still goes for the one in his crate instead of the one in hers.

Realistically, she doesn't need to be crated. I can trust her outside her crate, which isn't as true of Carter. But while she's acting out isn't the time to tell her that. Once she's obeying better, I may revisit that idea, though I don't know if Carter would care that he's crated and she isn't. (He's such a good boy, and always heads right into his crate when I ask!)
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The Bolton Point Water contractors disconnecting my water without warning this morning to hook my house up to the new water main was a huge pain in the ass, but it's also a good sign -- the project must be nearly done!

I'm exhausted, and I realize that it's not just because of the crazy-busy weekend at the GrassRoots Festival. A lot of it has to do with getting woken up early nearly every morning when the heavy equipment arrives before my alarm goes off.

Hope to get to bed early tonight, which is extra important because I'm getting up early to DJ tomorrow.
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When did I last bring home a doggie bag from a restaurant?

I’ve been wondering what was smelling bad near Carter’s crate the last day or two. Wondered if it was something in Charlie’s tank, but I sniffed over there after feeding the dogs tonight, and nothing smelled bad. After sniffing around Carter's crate again, I realized it was a paper bag with a leftovers container in it, atop the crate.

Whatever it was, it wasn't labeled, which really makes me appreciate those servers that do mark the date and the name of the restaurant on the tops of those containers! I have a vague feeling I can recall taking food home after eating half of it, within the last few weeks, but I'm at a loss. Not gonna look too closely at the remnants to help solve the mystery, though. It quickly went outside and to the garbage.
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Child of IthacaSomething I've been working on for quite a while. This article came out of my curiosity last summer as to where Erin had been for the two years she was off the Commons for the construction project.

I've always tried to visit on July 3rd, and "say hi" whenever I'm on the Commons. If I happen to be there when people are wondering aloud who she is, I tell them.

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When I read about the TicketMaster settlement deal, which is giving free ticket vouchers to lots of past customers, I figured I couldn't possibly have gotten any. I don't really go to a lot of concerts featuring national acts. Couldn't imagine the last time I used TicketMaster for anything other than to check a seating chart for a hockey game before buying tickets through Cornell.

But I figured it couldn't hurt to look. I went to ticketmaster.com, and of course hadn't been there in so long that Safari didn't have a saved password for it! Had to use the "forgot" link. And then when I used their e-mailed link to reset my password, it griped that I had to set a new password that wasn't the same as the old one! Oh well. I guess I reuse that one a lot.

Apparently I bought tickets to the NCAA hockey regional in Worcester in 2002 and a "Lord of the Rings Symphony" show in Baltimore in 2004 on TicketMaster. Huh. My account shows one voucher that can be redeemed for two free tickets to a show. It might just take me a while to figure out what shows I could potentially see! There's a long list of eligible shows, but no way to search by state or region that I can see. Naturally.

Anyway, if you haven't already, you should go look, too.

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Several months ago, I discovered that the New York Times lets you have unlimited free access to their web content (instead of up to ten free articles a month) if you sign in with a .edu e-mail address. You just have to go to nytimes.com/passes to create an account (if you don't already have one) and sign in.

Until last week, each time I signed in, I was told that my academic pass was valid until midnight the next day, or something like that. Fine, I figured. Signing in every couple of days was a worthwhile irritation if it meant I got to keep reading the Times without having to pay them, and without having to delete their browser cookies every several days to start the page-limit counter over at zero.

But then last week, I noticed that the confirmation message when I signed in said "Your pass will expire on September 30th, 2021 at 12:00 AM ET."

No more jumping through hoops? I can read as much as I want? For over five years? I'm sold!

(Also, 2021 is only five years from now?! WTF?!)
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It's a good indicator of how crappy I felt on Friday night that it seemed like a good idea to lie in bed and watch some recent shows on the Apple TV in the bedroom, which meant watching all the commercials on the network apps, instead of watching them from my TiVo in the living room, where I could've fast forwarded through the commercials.

There were so many things I wanted to get to on Friday night but couldn't. I did lots of cuddling with the dogs, and not much else.

I got to one of the several things I wanted to do yesterday, and one of the several things I wanted to do today, and I think there's more couch time in my future tonight as there was last night. Hoping to be 100% tomorrow, or at least closer to normal. We'll see.
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Well, we moved today! I don't think I've posted about this before, but our whole office, and the other offices on the first floor of our building (which is otherwise one of the big residence halls on north campus), are moving for the summer -- and today was the day.

We're going to be on the second floor of a warehouse building off campus, and while we were told it's air-conditioned, one of the folks who's usually in the building says it gets warm over the summer. Great. I strongly prefer not warm.

It's also got a touchy alarm. About 10-15 minutes after Karen and Steve left, leaving me alone in the building, two CUPD cops wandered in to find out why the building alarm had gone off. Luckily, they believed my silly story about it being our first day above the warehouse!

Maybe tomorrow will go more smoothly.
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The night before last, I woke up after having a very vivid dream in which I found a store that was having a sale on ammunition, and of course had to rummage around checking sizes only to find that they didn't have the specific type of .22 I needed for my rifle.

Actual ammo isn't much easier to find in New York, which has much tighter restrictions than it used to.
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