Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

$50 well spent

At this point, the last thing I want to do is commit to Verizon Wireless for another two years. One of these days, I'm going to decide I want an iPhone enough to actually buy one.

So, I'd been planning on continuing to use my perfectly good Motorola V710 until it was time for the next new toy, but it had other ideas. It's certainly done well despite having been dropped dozens of times, but the last few months it's been increasingly flaky. It doesn't always charge when plugged in, the battery barely lasts a full day when it is charged if I use it more than a little, and worst of all, the last couple of weeks the Bluetooth had stopped working entirely. No Bluetooth headsets, and no Bluetooth connections to the laptop.

But, this is why I've been paying the small monthly fee for the phone insurance! A quick call to Asurion, a $50 deductible, and a new phone was on its way to me via overnight courier. (First, they had to ask if it was OK if they upgraded me to a Motorola E815, since they no longer keep the V710 in stock. Sure!)

My new cell phone is the same size and shape as the old one, and like the V710 has essentially the same feature set as a RAZR. It's a tiny bit thicker and a tiny bit narrower. It also now has a faster high-speed connection (EVDO instead of 1X), more memory for storing whatever, better video capabilities, and a better camera (which I'll still almost never use). It charges! The battery lasts! It can talk to my laptop.

And... I'm not committed to another two years with Verizon Wireless. I can quit when I feel like it, and hey, I have a much-less-banged-up phone I can sell when the time comes.
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