Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Hockey: The Next Generation

Amanda and TopherOne of the highlights this weekend was getting to see Christine and Rob and Amanda and Sara. Amanda (at right, with Topher Scott after Saturday night's game) has never been to Ithaca, so while she's seen several Cornell hockey games, she'd never seen them at Lynah before. She got quite a treat! She got to watch Friday night's 6-0 romp over Dartmouth, and then the most energetic possible game (though, sadly, a loss) against Harvard on Saturday.

Topher had just tossed the puck you can see in Amanda's hand over the boards a moment before I took this shot, and I made the mistake of suggesting she should wait for him to come out of the locker room to get it autographed. This constituted volunteering to wait with her, and then take her back to the hotel, so Rob and Chris could take Sara (who's just over a year old) back and put her to bed. :-)

We ended up having a very good time waiting for the players, and she got quite a few of them to autograph the back of her jersey. I then got her back to the hotel before heading down the hill to join the post-game food and drink at Maxie's, already in progress.

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