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The power keeps flickering. So far it's staying on, but there are certainly lots of parts of town where it hasn't. I know Ithaca Mall was down for a chunk of the afternoon (Hojo and Jules ended up unable to see the movie, so came here to get my microwave and meet Charlie) and Maxie's was out for an hour and a half tonight. Luckily, they were back up when we wanted to dine there after the game. Even ran into Matt and Christine, getting a late dinner after seeing a modern dance show thanks to Sarah's availability to babysit. :-)

Briefly considered heading from Maxie's to Pixel to meet up with people I knew were going to be there, but I decided a good night's sleep would be a better idea. I've had enough late nights lately.

A frustrating loss tonight means game three tomorrow. Cornell has never not gotten the first-round bye since they instituted the current playoff format, so this is the first time we've had to play in the first round. Jeff just reminded me we have indeed gone to a third game in a best-of-three playoff series before... in 2004 against Clarkson. We lost.

In other news, I'm pleased to see my picture of Bob Gaudet is climbing the search rankings. :-) (Might as well help it along.) Tragically, he didn't have nearly as much to be pissy about tonight. (Though he did look kinda mopey when his kid got called for a penalty again tonight.)

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