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Simple pleasures...

Breakfast Breakfast

Click to embiggen. An early afternoon breakfast, with eggs courtesy of keeyoo and corned beef hash that I made with some of last Monday's leftovers. I just might do that with the rest of the leftovers and freeze some for breakfast emergencies. :-)

I got done much less than I vaguely intended to today, but since today's original plan involved getting up late in Albany, hanging out with friends a bit more, and then driving, I can't say I got done any less than I was originally going to. At least I got through some TV and worked on some weekend pictures.

PregameThe loss to Harvard on Friday night was really deflating, but we all had a great weekend anyway. Yesterday's win over Colgate was nice, though. Winning a conference tournament consolation game is really the only way other than becoming the eventual national champion to end your season with a win, so it left us on an up note.

Most of us decided to skip the Saturday night hotel expense and headed out at some point last night, though there were a few stragglers, including Greg (whose flight was this morning anyway) and Judy (who'd ended up having to drive after three flights in a row were overbooked by Southwest, meaning there was no way they were getting her to Albany in time). I almost wish I'd stayed, but it was nice to get a good night's sleep in my own bed. I'll be heading for another one of those shortly, in hopes of doing away with this lingering cough, which may or may not be related to last week's malady.

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