Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mystery solved...

Several times over the last week and a half, I've gotten phone calls from a 315 number that I didn't recognize. I'd get to listen to background noise at the other end, either live or in a voicemail message after the fact, so I figured someone's phone was calling me without them realizing it. Googling the number was unsuccessful.

This afternoon it happened again, and this time I called right back and got his voicemail. It was Grey Barr's son-in-law, who had my cell phone number from when they were coming down for the hockey game at the end of January. I left a message, so hopefully he'll figure out why his phone keeps calling me (I may be first in his phonebook alphabetically; that's what happened with gettingshitdone a year or two ago) and make it stop.

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