Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Did I mention the visit to Oswego Subs?

Oswego SubsThe Italian sub I picked up at [info]Oswego Subs the other night after dinner at [info]Rudy's Lakeside lasted for two full lunches, as I suspected it would. A $7 sub the size of my arm is a pretty good deal! I really miss their Ithaca outlet, which I guess was here longer ago than I thought. (At right, fabunobo fondling the door.)

When we were up there, the guy at the counter said he'd been the one who ran the Ithaca store, and while I wouldn't have recognized him on a random street corner, I was willing to believe him. :-) I didn't give him any shit about closing up shop and vanishing while still owing the radio station hundreds of dollars; not much point, since he declared bankruptcy and the debt legally ceased to exist years ago. At least he's back safely making subs where they're appreciated! Also took a picture of the framed pair of pictures on the wall, of the building in the late 1890s (when it was a meat shop) and a few years ago. Fun.

Italian SubI'm glad I thought to order the sub with the dressing on the side, since the veggies made it wet enough after two days in the refrigerator. I zapped today's half for a moment in the microwave (my office refrigerator is a bit cold, and it was frozen) and then let it sit in the toaster oven downstairs for a couple of minutes, and it was perfectly good. The hot peppers, also thoughtfully provided in a little plastic container on the side, really made the sandwich! Did I mention I really miss their Ithaca outlet? I hear Wegmans makes great subs (I've had one, just not in a while) and I suppose I should give them another chance soon. Do they have hot peppers? I guess it's a marinated diced hot pepper relish, or something. Whatever it is, that and Rudy's meaty hot sauce make Oswego one of the junk food capitals of the world in my book.

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