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Produce Wood-fired Oven
Deer Breakfast

Yesterday dawned early but not so bright, though I'm glad to report the sunshine showed up while I was at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. I spent a little of the morning cleaning up Charlie's tank, removing some of the old pine bedding and adding some fresh; I'll do some more of that again soon, I think. I was in the middle of that when I got the call I was waiting for, and zipped down the hill to meet Staci and her cousin Jessica at Steamboat Landing to check out the first day of the Market.

About a third of the stalls aren't yet occupied, but I'm sure that'll change over the next few weeks as the ground wakes up and begins producing lots of food again. I'll be writing and talking about the food at the Market for this week's 14850 Dining Report. Stay tuned. But I was very impressed with lots of the produce already available, and of course the Finger Lakes Flatbread stall was hopping. I need to work on some signs for them to make it obvious they're related to Just Desserts and the Queen of Tarts. Leslie seemed unhappy that I didn't want a flatbread, so I let her and Steve make me a "green eggs and ham" one, which I took up the hill to share with Alan while we worked on his phone jack problem. (I also got to take several pictures of his backyard pets.)

Picked up some snake food at Petsmart, which I'll feed to Charlie later, and got to test-drive the Nissan models that interest me. I was much less impressed with Roger than I'd been with Brad, down the street. Too bad Brad isn't available if I decide I want a Nissan. Their Rogue and Murano crossover SUVs both seem like good vehicles; the Rogue seems much more reasonably sized for me. The Murano really feels huge, but it also drives really nicely. It's a much more powerful V6 and has a few more of the niceties I'm hoping to find in my next car, but it costs thousands more and gets dramatically lower gas mileage. One of the upper trim levels of Rogue could work; it's less powerful than my A4, of course, but I almost never need all of that get-up-and-go. And the road noise that Roger pointed out as a difference between the Rogue and the Murano doesn't seem markedly worse in the Rogue than in my car. (The A4 isn't a quiet car.)

Assisted in the local WD27BS observance with a good hibachi dinner at [info]Kyushu followed by drinks at [info]Ithaca Ale House. After some beer, I had a glass of wine in memory of local foodie, wine aficionado, writer, and longtime friend Grady Wells, who passed away Friday.

This morning I was inspired to dig out a package of hot local sausage from the freezer, and hacked off a portion to cook up with breakfast. Delicious! Thanks to the lazyweb for helping me decide whether to fry this morning's eggs, or combine the home fries, sausage, and eggs in a breakfast scramble.

There's stuff to do this afternoon, and I'll probably get some of it done, along with watching the premiere of "Battlestar Galactica" and enjoying some spring weather outdoors. Cleaning out the car is high on the list.
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