Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No more pockets...

Just in time for the end of jacket season, when I will no longer reliably have an inside breast pocket in a jacket with me for carrying around the work iPhone, we've bought a few cases to try out. One of the cases Kim picked up from the AT&T Store is theoretically for the Samsung Blackjack, but works perfectly for the iPhone. It has the rotating plastic belt clip style I like, and is a slip-case that allows me to remove the phone while leaving the case on the belt. I don't particularly like the phone cases that stay on the phone.

This will do a nice job of protecting the phone while I'm carrying it around (better than tossing it in pants pockets with keys and such) while still making it easy to get at. But it's not as though I didn't already have enough crap living on my belt. (It doesn't help that I'm not giving up my own cell phone.) Maybe having the iPhone with its decent camera lets me leave the pocket Pentax camera and its belt case home most of the time.

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