Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Dear Forbes,

I subscribe to a alert to stay current on a topic of interest to me. However, the user experience has declined precipitously since I started reading content.

First, I frequently get multiple e-mails over the span of a day or so with alerts about identical (or nearly so) articles. Please stop doing this. One alert e-mail per topic is plenty; I don't need to be alerted when you've fixed a typo.

Second, when I click a link to take me to an article, I'm almost always taken to a massive advertisement first. Calling this a "welcome screen" doesn't make it welcoming, it makes it condescending.

Third, when I manage to get to one of your articles, it's almost always suddenly obscured by a large graphical advertisement or plea to take a survey that slides across the text I am trying to read.

Your article pages already had plenty of advertising content. Making it harder, more inconvenient, or less pleasant to read your feature, news, and editorial content by increasingly interrupting readers with more (and more obtrusive) advertising isn't going to make your site earn more money; it's going to drive away readers.

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