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Underwhelmed by Audi trip planning service

One of the selling points for my new Audi was the free roadside assistance service, and trip planning service, which I was told was provided by AAA.

Called up several days ago to get a trip packet for a road trip I'm taking next month, and I found the person on the phone very helpful. She took down the information and promised to get me a packet, which should take seven to ten days.

Well, it took less than that to get to me, but I'm pretty unimpressed.

For starters, it's a Volkswagen trip planning packet. This isn't catastrophic, and they are, after all, the same company. A computer glitch, I figured. Sadly, the pages in the back that provide a list of dealers in the towns you'll be near (a nice idea in case of car problems) say "Volkswagon" at the top instead of "Volkswagen." Hm.

Next... I have to say that, while the packet is pretty (it looks like color laser printing), I don't think it will be very useful. Instead of concise driving directions, or very detailed maps with the route marked off, there's a page for each state I'll be in. The page has a huge state map with a darkened area around the highways I'll be on, and then relatively small type at the bottom of each map describing the route.

Some of the pages are oriented vertically (portrait) and some horizontally (landscape), so I'd have to keep turning the booklet. Hm.

There's a whole page for West Virginia, with a darkened swath in the northeast corner of the state where I'll be on I-81 for a few miles.

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