Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


If only I hadn't gone to sleep so early! Looks like the text message that woke me this morning arrived at 1:19am, but I must've been in a heavy enough slumber that the beep from the front hall didn't wake me. Not until about 5:50am. The phone must've beeped every few minutes throughout the night, so it's impressive that I didn't notice... though I do recall at least one dream that incorporated the beeping.

Mid-morning, I responded to the text message with a "Please stop waking me up." This isn't the first time this person's ill-timed text messages have woken me. I can't really turn the phone off at night, because there are situations in which I do need to be disturbed from my slumber.

In peripherally related news, [info]The Queen of Tarts has started brewing a new Gimme! roast, the Brazil Bahia, to replace the too-expensive (and not that good, IMHO) La Union. It smells awesome, and I'm looking forward to trying a cup later this afternoon.

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