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Awesome iPhone article... - Mark's Journal
Awesome iPhone article...
Rich Mogull on surviving a five-day vacation in California without his laptop, thanks to his iPhone.

As a frequent business traveler I've lugged my laptop to the corners of the earth and rely upon it as an essential travel tool. My first MacBook Pro even accompanied us to our wedding on a beach in Mexico (saving us from relying on a local band). But when my wife and I decided to spend a long anniversary weekend in San Francisco, I felt compelled to challenge myself and see if I could survive under such harsh conditions. Plus, bringing my laptop on an anniversary trip might have ensured my demise by other, more direct, means.

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darth_qonfused From: darth_qonfused Date: May 22nd, 2008 08:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
I honestly think it's sad that people are so attached to conveniences that they can't let go for a few days without writing about it... I think it says something about our society, something I'm not sure I like.

Then again: I'm feeling more than a little cynical today...
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