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Photos from a rainy day in Caen

It's been a while since I've processed a batch of photos from last spring's France trip! The trip is now exactly a year ago; one year ago today, we spent the day at the Louvre and the Tuileries, etc., around Paris.

A week later, in Normandy, we spent a fantastic day in Caen, the ancient capital of Lower Normandy and site of a spectacular castle whose walls now enclose a fine art museum and a museum of Norman history. I really loved the sculpture in the courtyard of the art museum, and while killing a little time, I walked the moat around the castle walls during a rainless stretch. This was one of the few days I had to wear shoes instead of sandals. We had lunch in the surprisingly good museum cafe.

We also spent a little time in the cathedral across the street, shown at right; they were in the middle of doing an outstanding job restoring the surface of the stone, which had become nearly black from industrial grime accumulating over the last couple of centuries. Also in this batch, l'Abbaye des Dames.

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