Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

What a pain...

I was in the same room as the Cornell senior whose brother was stranded in Binghamton by last night's midnight strike deadline, on the way here from NYC for his sister's graduation, as mentioned in this article. (Also in 14850today.)

It was a little after 11, and the strike hadn't yet begun or even been voted on, but I guess with a midnight deadline, the bus driver couldn't set out from Binghamton for the hour-plus drive to Ithaca. If they'd been on the road at midnight would he have had to pull over and just stop?

Andrea didn't say, but I doubt her brother was warned when he got on the bus in New York that they might not take him the whole way to his destination, and instead might strand him late at night in an unfamiliar city, and make his sister come get him.

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