Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Weather still looks mostly OK

Other than the possibility of thunderstorms in Ithaca that could make things messy, the weather for my flights tonight looks pretty good.

Just made a pretty reasonably priced reservation for the San Francisco Airport Marriott, which is both one of the closest hotels and one of the ones with a complimentary shuttle, both factors being pretty important considering I'm arriving at 1:30am. I'll try to get some sleep there tonight, assuming everything's on time, then head downtown via BART or SuperShuttle and check into the downtown Marriott for the week. I don't recall if I posted that I'd been able to extend my reservation back one night to check in Sunday, much more useful than having to check in Monday along with starting the conference.

No particular plans for tomorrow other than heading downtown. At some point, hoping to see Liz and Liz and Shanan. Pretty sure I'm seeing former-coworker Don on Tuesday night with Michelle and Joanne -- we're all going to an Oakland vs Yankees ball game. :-) If you're in SF (or can easily get there) and I haven't gotten in touch with you yet to say "Hey, let's get together," please ping me.

All packed; my suitcase weighs a little under 40 pounds. No idea where my TomTom power adapter cord is, so the GPS will probably stop working mid-week. Ah well. I rarely really need it, and I suppose the iPhone's Google Maps feature is capable enough for my purposes. Maybe I should just leave the TomTom behind entirely.

I'll probably be posting a bit, but may not keep up as well with what y'all're up to. Have a good week!

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