Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Do you have any idea what you just said?

It's often easy to tell that the flight attendant reading or reciting the script at the front of the plane isn't paying attention, and at best is just running through the words because he or she has been told to. But it's rarely as easy to tell as it was with yesterday's ITH-PHL flight attendant, who was dropping syllables left and right, seemed to be looking around in boredom, and couldn't even say "Airport." She repeatedly said "Philadelphiaport."

The flight attendant near me on the PHL-LAS leg was a real sweetheart, a short middle-aged lady who happily chatted with everyone around her. I suspect she's from around Winston-Salem, judging by accent, but never got around to asking. Considered offering to change seats with wife of guy next to me, but since they both had middle seats, I decided I would be miserable if I switched, and stayed put for the longest (by quite a bit) of my three legs.

Also had an aisle exit row seat for the LAS-SFO leg, though again, I was in the farther back of the pair of rows, and didn't really have extra space. Before I had a chance, a tall guy grabbed the window seat in my row that had no seat in front of it. But I'm pretty sure I was asleep before we took off, a little late for our 11:59pm PDT departure, so it really wasn't an issue. Empty seat between us, so I had room. Though, when I got up to go to the lavatory, I came back and there was someone else asleep in my seat. I took a seat in the row in front, and reached over to grab my book. Weird.

Cabin crew from that last flight is also in this Marriott. They asked me if I was following them when I joined them on the shuttle bus. :-) Getting to the hotel at 2:30am wasn't ideal (especially since it felt like 5:30) but I eventually climbed in bed and slept until about 9:30. Decided not to rush downstairs for breakfast, which stops at 10. I had a granola bar, and found the coffee pot hidden in the cabinet, so I'm OK for now and will have a decent lunch somewhere. I guess I'll check out and head downtown and see if the Marriott there is ready for me yet. There's also a complimentary shuttle from this airport hotel to "downtown Burlingame." Worth checking out before I head up the peninsula?

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