Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 00:00 @roblifford Just picked Nikon Coolpix 550. #
  • 14:00 @dyanearden Formerly known as Doug's Fish Fry?! Is Doug's gone? What's there now? #
  • 14:02 @luciuskwok There are lots of things they could do more efficiently, but what fun would that be? #
  • 17:26 @luciuskwok SS3 makes the current bundle an easy decision at $49. #
  • 17:32 The more I hear people talking about "Snow Leopard" the more ludicrous I think it is to call Leopard's successor that. #
  • 19:57 Oakland vs Yankees game tonight. Decided not to bring Mets cap, but should've brought Syracuse Skychiefs cap. #
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