Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Met the Griswolds...

I made it home successfully, and on time, though the family of seven on my flight to Ithaca wasn't doing quite so well! They started their day at 6am in Prague, and after flying through London to Philadelphia, missed their connection to Binghamton after some delays with Customs. They were all in the airport, but apparently the gate folks never bothered paging them, so the Binghamton flight left without them. How do you leave without a family of seven!?

So, they got booked on the flight to Ithaca, figuring that was closer, and made arrangements for Hertz, which was closing at 11, to leave a big enough car with a key in it for them. They arrived and found a midsize with bucket front seats and three seatbelts in back. I offered to give a couple of them a ride, since I felt like it was just 9pm and I wasn't as zonked as they were, but they somehow managed to pile all seven of them in that car. I think they're gonna regret it by the time they get home!

Quite warm upstairs, but it's cool enough outside (67ish) that the attic fan should manage to cool it down by the time I'm ready to go to bed shortly. Even though it feels like 10pm, it also feels like it was a long day, so I'll probably fall asleep just fine whenever I'm ready to try.

Tim Russert's death has, among other things, made me think again about my diet, so I really wrestled with myself for a moment before deciding that, yes, I wanted to have a cheesesteak while I was in the Philadelphia airport. So I strode up to the counter, where I was informed they were only making cold sandwiches. At the cheesesteak place. Thus the Thai chicken salad from the Sky Asian Express stand next to the fancier place where I've eaten once or twice before. (With Dan and Will, I guess.) I'm kind of hungry again, but will probably just grab a handful of peanuts.

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