Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Two wake-up calls...

The first from an autodialer that didn't get a person right on the line, so I hung up. The second from the cable installer who was scheduled to come between 5-9pm. He'd had a couple of cancellations, so if I wanted to do the install early, he could come earlier. Like right then. He didn't mind that I wouldn't be very awake (I'm still on California time) but it seemed like a good idea to get it out of the way.

Very friendly installer, especially when I offered him some coffee. Had to clean the Senseo first; turns out leaving a "cappuccino" pod in the pod-holder for a week is not a good idea.

The install is for a CableCARD in my new TiVo HD, which arrived a couple of weeks ago for the bedroom TV. (I got an offer I couldn't refuse!) No HDTV upstairs, but that's OK; the TiVo doesn't care. At least now I can give back the Time Warner digital box.

Now, you should read about the gluten-free coyote.

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