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Unexpected dinner

Joy's friend Paul, who I met in December, was coming to visit her this weekend. She had said she'd try to let me know their dinner plans and invite me along; we'd all talked over lunch a few months ago about Thai food and such, up in Ithaca, and Paul had seemed intrigued.

But, when I took Joy to hockey practice this afternoon, Scotty showed her the huge trout he'd caught, and said he was going to give it away -- no one at his house would want to eat it. Joy volunteered to take it off his hands!

Joy figured we'd see when Paul arrived what he wanted to do, either go out for something or stay in and cook the fish. He loved the idea of eating in, and after adding up my trip expenses yesterday I liked the thought of not spending money unnecessarily.

I haven't cooked fresh fish in ages, but I got volunteered to take charge of trout prep while Joy made potatoes and spinach. I mixed olive oil, lime juice, parsley, dill, pepper, and sugar, and poured it liberally inside the cleaned and gutted (but otherwise whole) trout, then baked it at 350 for about a half hour. It came out great.

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