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Time to make the donuts... - Mark's Journal
Time to make the donuts...
Yesterday morning, I was glad I was staying at my house Thursday night instead of at the IC hotel, as it made it much easier to get to campus for a going-away party for a colleague who's retiring next week after 37 years in CIT. I don't work as closely with Dan as I used to, and I definitely miss the days of having his desk right next to mine instead of in one of CIT's other buildings since he moved a while ago.

When someone retires, they ask them what kind of gathering they'd like to have, and Dan said it should have donuts (since he brought donuts to meetings for years) and it should be first thing in the morning (since he's always in at the crack of dawn). So it was from 8am-10am, and even though I'm never at work that early, never mind on campus, and even though I wasn't working yesterday, I made it my business to be there for a while. I left after most of the speeches, but I got to chat with Dan for a bit. I think he actually may not have been the longest-serving member of CIT's staff, but it's probably close.

He almost always got his donuts from the P&C at East Hill Plaza on the way in for the meetings he hosted, since they always had batches of just-made donuts ready at 6am when he got there. So, Joanne was dispatched to the P&C to get the donuts for yesterday. They also brought in fruit platters as a nod to modern healthy diets, but those hardly got touched. :-) At Dan's party, it was all about the donuts.
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rjb5 From: rjb5 Date: June 28th, 2008 01:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, 37 years!
Was there any discussion of what he worked on in his first few years? I really don't know what the computing state-of-the-art was in 1971, but the changes over the course of his single career must be staggering.

When I arrived in 1983, rows of VT100s connecting to IBM mainframes were the order of the day, and I remember that there were still active card readers in the basement of Upson which people would run jobs on in those noisy public computing facilities with their terminals beeping and line printers chattering away. It was so cool when I got a 300 baud modem and I could dial-up from my room. I would suppose that now the space dedicated to public computer facilities is probably shrinking rapidly; no need to go sit in a big room full of computers with pervasive wireless and mobile computing. Maybe a few kiosks and public printers are all that are needed for public computing anymore? (Of course, with tons of infrastructure 'behind the scenes') Fun to think about the changes, anyway, and must be fascinating for someone like Dan to have seen it all...

klutzywaitress From: klutzywaitress Date: June 30th, 2008 12:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Ah, Dan's retiring! I remember his name popping up in your posts from time to time. He used to be your office-mate, right?
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