Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Thunderstorms likely"

The weather forecast was making the long drive to Watkins Glen and the time-consuming hike on the gorge trails seem like a pretty risky proposition, so an alternate plan was selected. We convoyed over to the much-nearer, and much quicker to hike, Taughannock Falls State Park. The trail back to the falls is nearly level, which made the revised hike plan much more accessible for everyone. And, other than a few sprinkles as we headed in from the parking lot, the weather held. (It probably helped that I brought my umbrella.)

As I was admiring the cool modular, train-like wagon-stroller a father was using to pull three kids and their stuff along the trail, the mom walking behind them exclaimed, "Mark!" It was Kate and her brood down from Ontario for the weekend.

When I dropped Alec off at the Burger King at East Hill Plaza, so he could get a shake for his mom, who's not feeling well, I almost went in to get some iced coffee, then realized I didn't have any cash on me. I briefly considered paying with plastic, but for such a small charge, that's just mean.

Back at the hotel, enjoying one of the cane-sugar Dr Peppers John kindly brought me in his luggage. Since there's no sign of storms any more, I'm seriously contemplating hitting the outdoor pool. I've been in the indoor one already this weekend. Tragically, the hot tub is broken and they can't fix it without tearing up the concrete floor to get at a pipe underneath, so there was just no way to fix it for the weekend.

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