Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Road breakfast

Tempting as the hotel's massive brunch buffet would be, I need to eat less. So, a blueberry yogurt granola bar and the last of the leftover salami. Yesterday ended up with two large meals; a bunch of us ended up at a hibachi place for a late lunch while poking around the new Hunt Valley mall thingy, and Scott and I had a great dinner at Liberatore's, the Italian place Todd had recommended.

Delighted to see lilly9999 and Leslie last night! I'd been hoping they would come down. As always, a few more folks have stopped coming, but there are still lots of friends to see.

Heading down to Salon B shortly to see the installation of our new Regional Coordinator. Hoping to hit the pool, then planning on Malcolm McDowell and Jewel Staite before heading back north. Yes, it's true; if Scott and I hadn't had the late dinner and gotten back around 11, I, too, probably would have gotten to hang out with Jewel Staite last night. In the hot tub.

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