Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Cool and clear...

It's beautifully clear out, and I'm letting the attic fan pull some of the cool air into the house to knock it down a few degrees before it gets hot outside. That should keep it livable for tonight.

Yesterday was not so clear; the clouds rolled in over the course of the day, and it started sprinkling as we got back to the hotel from lunch at Popeye's. We made our rounds saying goodbye to folks, and then as we were about to get in the car, the massive thunderstorm arrived. Waiting a half hour seemed like a good idea; the storm ridge didn't look that wide on the radar. Sure enough, while we still had lots of rain for most of the drive back, we at least didn't have to deal with the violent stormy weather that moved across Maryland.

I'm very impressed with my cell phone battery, which lasted from Friday morning until Sunday evening without being recharged, since I didn't manage to bring any chargers with me. Even the car charger wasn't in the car. Oops.

I've got couchsurfers for a couple of nights, so I need to make sure the downstairs guestroom is ready for them before heading to work. Also need to remember to pick up snake food today. Charlie is probably hungry.

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