Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Back in town

zercool and I got out of Dobbs Ferry a few minutes after ten, and we talked about stopping at the Miss Monticello Diner or the Roscoe Diner for lunch on the way back. He commented he'd be able to say he'd eaten at the Roscoe Diner if we went there, so that's what we picked. Brian also kindly indulged my impulse to head up the hill after lunch and visit camp. Pictures to come. The place looks great!

Got back to Ithaca shortly before four, dropped Brian off, picked up the mail at the PO Box, and now I'm at the office a) getting a little work done, b) fiddling with pictures from the last two days, and c) taking advantage of the air-conditioned building. It's steamy out there!

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