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The afternoon got very full very fast, but I managed to get out of the office around 6:30. I called over to Best Buy to make sure the refrigerator I looked at last night was still there, and indeed it was. I asked Ed to hang onto it for me for a little bit, and headed over. Thoughtfully, they'd dropped the already-discounted open-box price another $40 this morning, so I got the $999 bottom-freezer LG for $809, and got the $59 delivery and setup and $20 haul-away for free. I'll have to pay $126 for the waterline installation; they actually send a plumber on a separate visit.

They schedule a whole-day delivery appointment and then call the day before to offer you a time slot. I'm scheduled for Sunday, and we'll see if the time they call to offer on Saturday is viable.

After that, I helped a friend move, and she bought us all dinner at Friendly's. (Not her pick or mine.) The place smells funny and badly needed cleaning, but the western BBQ burger wasn't too bad. I get there about once a decade, which seems plenty.

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