Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Too little, too late?

Thanks to Marian for the news that Starbucks is offering $2 iced grande coffee drinks after 2pm if you show a Starbucks receipt from your coffee that morning. For people who do tend to visit twice a day, it's a fabulous deal. You just have to keep track of that receipt.

Not surprisingly, Starbucks is not only suffering from their own quality problems (which they've been trying to work on) and overexpansion, but also the economic crunch that's causing everyone's spending to shrink on discretionary items. A second daily Starbucks visit is probably one of those things that's falling by the wayside for lots of folks.

Meantime, I've been trying to avoid buying too many cappuccinos across the street (I'm probably averaging one a week instead of three or four), and avoiding paying for brewed coffee even if it means I have to make a pot of the (not too bad) free stuff at work. I should probably also get one of those cards over at the Queen where if you buy several, you get one free. I never bothered, because they kept giving me freebies for the first several months.

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