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The plumber came this morning to install the waterline so the ice maker would work. Both Best Buy and the plumber's wife (when she called to set up the appointment) stressed to me that he was an independent contractor, and not employed by Best Buy. OK by me.

He got everything installed by going through the wall under my bathroom sink, and seemed surprised that the whole drill bit fit into the wall from one side without coming out the other. (I'd say it was probably a 9 or 10 inch drill bit, but I'm a guy, so it's probably really 6 or 7 inches, right?) He hooked the new line into the cold water supply from the sink, which was what made the most sense to me, too. (He at first thought about drilling through the floor into the basement, but he was afraid of drilling into the ductwork under the kitchen; my furnace and water heater and such are right below the refrigerator.)

Unfortunately, it wasn't until after he left that I discovered the water in the bathroom sink was now little more than a trickle! But, fortunately, his wife had given me both their home-office phone number and his cell phone number. I called, and after about 20 minutes, he came back. He says old valves tend to calcify and then can't fully reopen if you close them, so he's going to have to replace the valve. He didn't have one with him, but he'll come back tomorrow morning with one. Unfortunately, he left the sink with not even a trickle. I'll manage; everything else works.

The poor guy only gets about 2/3 of what I paid Best Buy for his services, so he's not going to make out very well on this job. I'll probably give him the tip the installers on Monday said they weren't allowed to accept.

So, after I toss the first couple of batches of grey ice, I'll have a fully functioning refrigerator. I didn't really restock it yet because I wanted it to be easy for him to roll out to get the waterline installed. What would you buy if you were stocking a refrigerator from scratch? I kept a relative handful of things from the old refrigerator that seemed minimally perishable, like ketchup and mustard and soda and non-creamy salad dressings, but tossed nearly everything else.

Milk and OJ are at the top of the list. Grated cheese. Onions, garlic, butter, cream cheese. Eggs, but of course not from the supermarket. What else?

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