Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Back to normal

I thought using my first non-Motorola cell phone would be a fun adventure, but no. Enough little things were enough different to drive me nuts, and there were definitely a few things that I found inexplicable about the LG.

Happily, my replacement replacement showed up yesterday, I ended up letting it charge overnight at work because it wasn't done when I left for the CAAIA ice cream event (and board meeting), and I got it activated this morning before heading to campus for a meeting.

It feels so nice to have a phone I'm completely familiar with and comfortable with. The E815 is not a perfect phone,as I said on Tuesday, but I get it and it gets me, and that'll do for now. Even the iPhone isn't perfect, but I'll probably end up getting one of those before long anyway. I think the three of us on the family plan will probably hop this fall, after the next model is released with enough more memory that it'd actually hold most of my music library.

Relatively productive day, though I turned down a ride back from campus in favour of walking. Perfect sunny, clear, warm-but-not-hot weather, and I didn't want to waste it.

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