Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I was just talking about Ella last week...


When Jeff (no, not you, the other one) came over to digitize the Sunshine Spider video, we talked about his dog Buddy (who's in the video at about ten months of age) and his sister Ella, Ari's dog who I've known since she was a puppy. Buddy had died late last year, and Jeff was glad to hear Ella was still with us, and still acting like a youngster. (The picture above is of her napping on my leg about a year and a half ago... during the Super Bowl, I suspect.)

Well, Ari just called, and passed along the sad news that Ella died last night. She had a seizure, and he brought her up to the Cornell emergency clinic. After a few hours they told him they could keep her alive with many hours and thousands of dollars of work, but that she probably wouldn't be herself any more. At thirteen years old, her quality of life couldn't last that much longer anyway.

Ella as a puppyPoor doggie. I'm sure she acted so young for as long as she did because she started hanging out with Bella, Sheila's dog who's several years younger (though no longer a puppy herself). I hope another dog will join Bella in the family before too long.

(That's Ella as a puppy at right.)

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