Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Did you catch McCain on Leno?

If you saw John McCain on the Tonight Show last night, not coincidentally right after coverage of the Democratic National Convention from Denver, you already know who his planned running mate is! The Senator was a great guest, and came across well -- funny, self-deprecating, and only briefly a bit defensive. No sign of the doddering, senile candidate we've been hearing about on the talk shows. (He even riffed on that.)

But I'm still going to say the political winner of the night is everyone who got to see Ted Kennedy speak at the DNC. He wasn't the featured speaker for the evening, he's not running for anything, and he's far to the left of me on the political spectrum, but if you didn't see it, you really missed out. Watch it soon, while you can. Seriously. I know some folks who'll be glad to agree with me that we don't have much time left with Senator Kennedy doing what he does, but he is without question one of the handful of strongest, hardest-working, and most dedicated leaders the Senate has ever had.

(How stupid must the big networks feel after deciding to air only the last hour of the DNC in primetime each night? They were showing reruns of "The Big Bang Theory" and "Prison Break" last night, and joining the convention only for the 10pm hour. Michelle Obama is a fantastic speaker, but she has nothing on Ted Kennedy.)

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