Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

An evening on Seneca Lake

Ian and Benjamin on the dock

Since I'd missed out on the baby-sitting opportunity earlier this summer, Ian gave me a heads-up when they were planning a lakeside rental vacation, and I got to enjoy an evening on the northeast side of Seneca Lake with Ian, Melissa, and Benjamin last night. What a treat! The weather was perfect for it, though it got a bit too cool over the course of the evening to keep sitting outside.

I'm skeptical that Benjamin remembers me from meeting me last October, though I suppose it's possible. He greeted me enthusiastically anyway, and was a joy to play with. He's unquestionably a two-year-old, but not irredeemably so. :-)

Phil and Mary gave me some fresh tomatoes and red peppers from their garden the other night when I stopped by the studio during "Bound for Glory," and we put them to good use last night, roasting them on the charcoal grill and then peeling and dicing into what turned out to be a delicious salad with some similarly grilled eggplant and raw red onion. Ian had also made a fantastic fresh chimichurri, and grilled a kick-ass sirloin. Nice to see that Ian and Melissa have a similar concept of food as mine: a few, fresh ingredients, prepared simply, make the best meal.

The drive back was shorter than the drive up; heading for the end of a lake road that doesn't exist on any GPS or even in Google Maps meant winging it in a way that I'm out of practice with, and I made a couple of wrong turns based on what I thought Google Maps was telling me to do. Luckily, I realized very quickly that turning left onto 96A as instructed, and thus heading south from Ovid, wasn't right. And, the nice people at the "dead end" in the middle of East Lake Road explained that, yes, this was the same road I was planning to head to, but Sampson State Park interrupts it, and you can't drive through.

The rental house is owned by the Otts, the Trumansburg family that used to own the Rongo, and they apparently rent it out on their own rather than using a property manager. (Though, they do use a listing service.) I don't have the money now, but maybe someday when I'm less in debt, i.e. have climbed through more of my mortgage, I'll contemplate buying a lake house I can use sometimes and rent out sometimes. Sitting on the deck with the lake view was awfully relaxing.

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