Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Touchdown Jesus says give to the Red Cross

Touchdown JesusThank God the damage to New Orleans so far seems to be minimal, but displaced residents in Louisiana and elsewhere on the Gulf Coast are still seeking and getting help from the American Red Cross. Donate at or call 800-435-7669. Thanks to a txt from the Obama campaign for the interesting tip that you can txt GIVE to 24357 to give $5. (I'm guessing it's billed to your cellular account.)

(The picture is of the statue in the courtyard of the Saint Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter; I took it a few months after Katrina.)

Marrus's "little blond man" made it back to New Orleans, having left Dragon*Con early Saturday morning, and as of last night was in the convention center with eight other guys, each assigned cots, ready to be dispatched to help with rescues or repairs around the area. Good luck, Jay! Marrus herself was heading to Alabama from Atlanta, with a couple of other friends from NOLA, after the con. Safe travels! Hope you can go home soon.

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