Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Sunrise (6:10am)

This morning has already started out with a surprise! I'm booked through LaGuardia, not Pittsburgh, as I'd thought. That's not a catastrophe, but LGA does tend to have more delays and be less of a pleasant place to hang around. I guess it was a little early for one of those cheesesteaks I love at the Pittsburgh airport anyway!

6:10 am on Friday, and the sunrise is beautiful. I snapped a few good pictures from the waiting area, including one of the plane that just left for Philadelphia.

Definitely not enough sleep last night, so it was a bit slow getting started. I'm glad I live in a town where I can show up at the airport 40 minutes before a scheduled flight (after a five minute drive from home) and not feel rushed. I also asked the X-ray guys to put my shoes through and tell me if there was metal in them. Yep, big steel arch support. Guess I'll take these off for scanning from now on, or wear other shoes, rather than walk through the metal detector wearing them, now that I know the outcome of that will be setting off the detector every time.

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