Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Here for breakfast? Come on in!"

I think the Mormon elders who'd rung the doorbell were not used to being invited in for breakfast, but since the bacon and eggs were both nearly done, I didn't have time to stand at the front door chatting. They obediently followed me in, and while they'd both just eaten, they took me up on the orange juice offer while standing watching me finish cooking breakfast. I suspect they're also not used to chatting with people who've a) read much of the Book of Mormon and b) know that Joseph Smith was from Central New York. They didn't argue with my "Thanks, but I think I'm good on the religion thing."

BreakfastStaci and I ate breakfast and then headed down to the Ithaca Brewfest, which was lots of fun. While I was sitting and chatting with Kara at the volunteer check-in table, someone came over to ask for help at the Middle Ages Brewery table, and I ended up pouring their beers for an hour. Yum! I also got to taste quite a few excellent beers, as well as enjoy some fun munchies.

Grabbed some discounted Razorback BBQ sausage on the way back to the car; I'll eat it in a while when I'm hungry again. :-) They're the same guys whose pulled pork Alan let me try at Musefest, and they also have some fantastic tofu spiedies. (No, really!)

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