Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

What a gorgeous day to fly! (8:00am)

It was crystal clear for the entire flight from Ithaca to LaGuardia, and after moving to row 4, the exit row (the front row had to be kept clear for balance reasons), I had a stunning view under the right-hand engine. I even managed to snap a lot of pictures, which I'll upload somewhere at some point.

We flew east until we crossed the Hudson, and then flew south, several miles east of the river but still within view the whole way down. There were lots of recognizable landmarks, and while we were too far east to spot my folks' house, I did get a couple of photos of the area, and have a good idea of where it would be, thanks to a good view of the Tappan Zee Bridge. I'll have to compare my photos to some USGS maps to get a clearer idea of the route.

Just enjoyed breakfast at LaGuardia. One unexpected benefit of coming here instead of Pittsburgh is that the food court here subscribes to a New Yorker's idea of what breakfast on the run should cost. Sbarro has egg on a roll for $1.75, with sausage or bacon for $2.69, and a free cup of coffee. The Greenleaf's Grille that I've complained sells grossly overpriced sandwiches and salads has a $3.99 breakfast combo, scrabled eggs with bacon or cheese and home fries, plus a free cup of coffee. Didn't even look at the prices at McDonald's, which had the longest lines. My Sbarro sandwich, which was a mound of scrambled eggs on a huge kaiser roll, with fresh bacon, was delicious, and cheap. Now I'm trolling for wireless (but see no sign of any) and I'll probably settle down for the next hour and a half with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Nope, no wireless, though the US Airways Shuttle terminal at the opposite end of the US Airways building has lots of comfy chairs and even cubicles with electric outlets and phones for hooking up. And free coffee, orange juice, magazines, and newspapers. Shhhhh. And of course, I could use all these phones, except I don't seem to have a phone cord in my laptop bag! I know there are a couple in my suitcase, but that's deep in the bowels of the airport somewhere. Must've pulled the phone cord out at some point.

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