Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Happy birthday, Maddy and Meredith!

Woke up early today thanks (at least in part) to a weird dream where I had to pick up Dan (not you, the one from the class of '44 who's on the CAAIA board with me). The house where I had to pick him up was recognizably 5126 Niagara Place. Those of you who know the house I mean will be glad to know it's in good shape! The people who moved in are taking good care of it, though I thought it was odd that they raised the house and yard so you now have to climb up several feet from the driveway.

Usually I have no trouble hitting the snooze button and falling asleep again at 8, but for some reason if I wake up at 6:30, it's not that easy. :-) Watched a little of the pilot episode of the new "90210," and then wandered downstairs to catch up on LiveJournal before getting showered and dressed. Gotta drop my car off for its 5,000 mile servicing.

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