Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Not delivered yet...

After looking at some of the offerings at Dick's, and contemplating a return trip with proof of Amazon's pricing so I could invoke their price-matching policy, I decided to just order a new sleeping bag and air mattress from Amazon. Yay, free two-day shipping and points toward future purchases! It's out for delivery, which is good, as I need these items for this weekend's camping trip!

I could still use the increasingly ratty sleeping bag I got when I was still at camp (after I outgrew the first one, purchased for an early overnight trip aboard USS New Jersey), and I could still use the air mattress that tends to half-deflate overnight, but I think the new ones will be nice to have.

When says the stuff's been delivered, I'll pop home to put it inside, since two big boxes sitting outside might be conspicuous. In any event, I need to swing by CFCU to grab some cash to pay for this week's delicacies from roosterhillfarm. It's starting to feel like roasting season again, so I'll look forward to roasting that gorgeous fresh chicken soon, perhaps for TV night, and the ham steak and eggs are going to be breakfast on Sunday in the Poconos. :-)

Meantime, I'm thinking about my friends on the Gulf Coast again! Glad to hear at least some of you have made it safely out of town.

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