Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Speaking of the weather...

I don't think there was any rain until this morning, but the strong winds that I noticed before going to sleep last night certainly wrought havoc in town. Apparently a transformer was knocked out and there were some burning power lines, so some of east hill including most of Collegetown was down for a few hours. I was luckily spared even a flicker, or I'd have noticed when the UPSes all started beeping shrilly.

I have an alarm clock with battery backup, too, so I don't have to worry too much about oversleeping. (Though the battery backup wouldn't keep me from hitting the snooze button. I'm still good at that.)

Despite the lack of power outage at my place, I did notice lots of branches down when I left this morning. Ironic; I actually spent a few minutes picking up branches yesterday afternoon when I got home. The rain will certainly be good for the lawn, though, which has been dry and not growing much. (I suppose needing to be mown less isn't a bad thing, but I've been vaguely tempted to water it a couple of times.)

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