Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Out for a Sail

When I got Ari's message yesterday offering an afternoon of sailing, I had to say yes! Herewith, a picture of yours truly, and a picture of a neat trimaran we saw a few times. It really zipped through the water, thanks to lots of sail surface and not much hull in the lake.

Sailing Trimaran

Stairs to Nowhere?What's the deal with this house, its one flight of stairs to a platform about a fifteenth of the way down the cliff, and a dock at the water's edge with no evident means of getting there? Did there used to be more steps? Very few of the houses this far up East Shore Drive have any way down to the lake. Click for a bigger view.

We lazily meandered around the southern part of the lake for a few hours, then headed back in. I really should've brought along the stuff I was going to take to Staci's party, but with the original idea of sailing until 5, I figured I'd head home in between. Getting back to the marina at about 6:30 meant heading all the way to the other side of town, then back across towards Lodi, would be insane. So I swung through the Shur-Save in Trumansburg to pick up some beer and cheese to bring.

Definitely a fun party! I met a bunch of new folks and saw some of Staci's friends I'd met before. Got to talk about wine with a couple of the local winemakers, and sample some of their latest work. And Rachel made a cake in the shape of MLE, Staci's old car and the reason for the party; MLE's being retired, and Staci has a "new" '93 Saab to enjoy.

I got home at about 2:30, hit the pillow, and was asleep instantly. I'm glad I waited that long to fall asleep; a nap on the way back from Lodi could've been bad!

Not much going on today, though I did some tidying and prepped the guestroom for the couchsurfer who just e-mailed me to say he's not coming. He's in town checking out the Cornell hotel school, and found someone to stay with who's much closer. Can't say I blame him, and I needed to get the guestroom ready for two weekends from now, anyway!

Now contemplating a walk down to East Hill Plaza to satisfy some Doritos cravings.

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