Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Padding the President..."

...has to be a fun euphemism for something!

But President Bush is speaking tonight at 9:01pm EDT, which is going to push back the scheduled broadcasts for some network TV shows in 9 and later timeslots. Apparently, the networks have been told to expect him to speak for about 14 minutes.

I've told my TiVo to record an extra half hour each for the season premieres of "Criminal Minds" and "Lipstick Jungle." says nothing about the situation, while shows the presidential address at 9pm and "America's Got Talent" at 9:17... with "Lipstick Jungle" still at 10:00. Huh. I wonder if they've hacked 17 minutes out of "America's Got Talent" (surely there wasn't that much talent in there to begin with) or if they're not actually going to start "Lipstick Jungle" on time.

In any event, if your DVR is going to be recording anything tonight, you may want to extend the recording a bit.

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