Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

That can't be 72 inches...

Every once in a while, the plastic shower curtain liner gets to the point where cleaning it is no longer rational, and I buy a new one. WIth a house full of guests this weekend, this week seemed like a good time! So, after finding the Rite-Aid doesn't have any, I got one at the P&C. The package says it's supposed to be 72 inches tall, but it can't be!

When I put it on the rings, it didn't even reach past the top of the tub. I've lowered the curtain rod for now, so the liner should at least stay inside the tub, but I think if I have a chance later, I'll go to another store and buy a different shower curtain liner. I wonder if the one I had before was longer than 72 inches. All the ones I'm finding online say they're 72 inches, though they start at twice the price of the $4 one I bought. I guess you get what you pay for.

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