Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Post-fast dinner

I think I'm going to keep things simple and head to Collegetown around 6:30 (sunset is 6:32pm) to have dinner before hitting Pixel for tonight's Ithaca Beer cask, whatever that'll be. Not sure yet what I'll eat... perhaps Dasan-J Korean BBQ, or Subway, or Jack's Collegetown Grill. I'm trying not to think about food in any detail after 22 hours without any. :-) If you'd like to join me, let me know.

Last night after a Perfect Burger at the Ale House, I ended up tagging along with my burger buddy to the Kol Nidre services on campus. First time in a while I'd gone to Kol Nidre, since I haven't really been inclined to go to services in Ithaca in a while, and if I make it to services at my parents' temple, it's usually for Rosh Hashanah rather than Yom Kippur.

Today's weather is perfect for spending a chunk of time outdoors, a Yom Kippur habit I picked up from Uncle Mikey some years back. I think I'm going to head back outside for the remainder of the afternoon. See some of you in Ctown!

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