Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Done with Watkins Glen Weekend!

WGW 2008 Nikki

I've spent most of the afternoon on the couch after seeing everyone off after brunch at the hotel, and then dropping Rhonda at the bus station for her trip back to Philadelphia. Even got to see some of the Bills game; I'd checked what channel it was going to be on at 12:30, then started watching something else and realized at 4 I'd missed most of the game. Oops! Got to see the last seven minutes, which did the trick.

The weekend was terrific, with beautifully sunny weather, even if it was a little chilly. The gorge trails had people on them, since it may be one of the last weekends with decent weather this season, but they certainly weren't as full as we've seen them. The hike was pretty much perfect.

Dave and Deb and Nikki (above right) were among our first-time WGWers, and they kindly brought some Molson Brador down from Canada for us! It is, tragically, no longer sold in the U.S., but I'm lucky enough to have thoughtful friends who'll bring it across the border. We'll need to pop up to Ontario one of these days with a fresh supply of can cheese. :-)

Nikki herself has been doing very well with her service dog training, and after just a few months is very well behaved when she's "on duty." (It's mostly the humans who need to be reminded that she can't play while working.) She's a husky and border collie mix with really striking wolf eyes.

Thanks to everyone who joined us! For the rest of you... we hope to see you at WGWXX next fall. :-)

( Lots more WGW photos... )

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