Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

It's cold out

Still around freezing, though the sunshine as the clouds clear away should warm things up over the course of the morning. I may walk to campus for my 11:00 meeting instead of taking the shuttle.

Last night was going to be a quiet night with leftovers and TV at home, but Sally e-mailed Leslie and me to say she had a duck to share since she was cleaning out her freezer. We ended up dining at Leslie's, so as not to mess up Sally's townhouse, which she's trying to sell. :-) I made something resembling spinach risotto, and when I got down to Leslie's, the duck was roasting. Jonathan (Leslie's son) did a very good job with it.

Tonight I'll catch up on more TV and eat leftovers, probably. I may or may not hit Pixel for cask night first. We'll see.

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