Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Hey, Liberals, Don't Worry"

William Kristol writes in The New York Times that an Obama victory is likely, but his supporters shouldn't freak out too much at the possibility that McCain might pull out an upset...

A McCain victory would be good for liberalism. Look at recent history. Jimmy Carter and a Democratic Congress begat Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton and a Democratic Congress produced Newt Gingrich. Who knows what would follow a President Obama and a Democratic Congress? Here’s one possibility: President Sarah Palin.

I realize, not everyone I know who has the opportunity to vote tomorrow will vote the same way I will. I also realize I've surprised some of you who've figured out that my politics don't lie where you thought they did. Regardless, I urge all of you who are eligible to vote (and haven't already voted early in one way or another) to be certain to vote tomorrow! Even if you're in a state you're sure is a foregone conclusion. Even if it's not convenient. Even if you're not sure what else is on the ballot. (Hey, you have a day to check; your local Board of Elections web site probably has sample ballots you can peruse. Ours does.)

And, one last reminder from Craig:

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