Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Frozen hen? (206.0)

This morning, I woke up at the end of a dream that included trying to buy a frozen hen at the supermarket for dinner. All of the contents of the supermarket had been moved onto shelves in the room across the hall while they renovated the supermarket, so nothing was where I expected it. I eventually found the hen I wanted, but not only was it frozen, it was going to take too long to cook for dinner. The rest of the dream has mostly faded, involving driving an SUV around. pkdan and willdevine were in on the quest for the bird. Perhaps this means I should roast a bird for TV Night this week.

In retrospect, I've probably been starting to get sick since Tuesday or even earlier. I attributed the queasiness on Tuesday afternoon to the obvious adrenaline spike, plus pancakes for lunch and the overdose of coffee. I only drank half of my second beer at the end of Tuesday night, but didn't add it up at the time. I noted the general hints of GI issues over the next couple of days, and ate a bit lighter.

Yesterday afternoon, the general feeling of crappiness continued to get worse, and I didn't even finish one beer during the hockey game. Bad sign. :-) I skipped dinner, though by the end of the night, a piece of toast with melted cheese seemed like a good idea.

Today has been a quiet day of recuperation, featuring lots of TV and lounging. Lots of tea, and an egg and cheese sandwich. In fact, I think more tea is in order. I skipped the football game (the weather was kind of iffy anyway) and I'm skipping the Accord meeting, which I'd vaguely considered getting moving for. The Doritos and pizza I'd have had at the meeting would've been a bad idea. :-) I'm feeling like I could eat more, but I'm going to go slow.

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